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MCM Records (multiple Chord Music)


Montréal, Canada
ph. 1-514-889-6980
em. multiplechordmusic@live.ca


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Founded by Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier and Alex Lefaivre, Multiple Chord Music is a Montreal based label helping to promote local talent throughout the world.

Artist: Parc X Trio, Marjorie Fiset, Rachel Therrien, Andy King, Frederic Alarie, Extended Family, The Orbit.

CONTACT Multiple Chord Music Productions Inc. 96 rue St-Zotique est Montréal, Québec H2S 1K6 CANADA

Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier (1)514-910-9341 Alex Lefaivre (1)514-969-2515 Rachel Therrien (1)514-889-6980 Charlotte Colin (1)514-222-0118

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  1. Prelude Jason Stillman
    May 31, 2015
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