AM 740

Box 740, Stn.A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 4K6
ph. 416-544-0740


Many hours of best jazz music, as for instance in our

Tuesday night Big Band Panorama,

Thursday night Swing It!

and our

Big Band Sunday Night

as well as Jazz music in other programs.


AM740 is Toronto’s ‘All Time Favourites’ station. With 50,000 watts of clear-channel broadcasting power, AM740 has a huge coverage area, extending throughout southern Ontario, from Windsor to Kingston, north to Parry Sound, and south deep into the United States.

AM740 listeners can conveniently take the station with them wherever they’re traveling within this large area. During evening and overnight hours, AM740 can be heard at far greater distances, extending east to New York City, south toward Washington DC, and west to Chicago. ...
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